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About us

Registered in 1994, MBI security is the first registered in Republic of Macedonia, agency with the longest tradition and biggest experience in the field of person’s and property security.

With the law for security of RM the agency owns a licence for work no. 21-42912/1 since 12.12.2000 year, issued by MVR Skopje.

The agency is certified with system for quality management ISO 9001:2008 with the implementation of which guarantee the quality of services for security.

According to ISO standards, MBI possesses its own quality policy and internal rules of procedure, which regulate the business quality system.

Agency MBI is a member of the chamber for security in RM and part of an international team for security Securitas Alert Services, which is able to provide services in 25 European countries and South America.

Agency MBI provides services throughout the territory RM and neighboring countries through subsidiaries and associates, with specially trained staff with high degree of professionalism, in accordance with international standards.

Since 1999, the agency successfully provide services for providing a large number of international and humanitarian organizations, foreign companies and their representatives and residences.

Reference list

  • Europe Commission – Europe Agency for Reconstruction
  • Special Messenger for European Union
  • EU-FOR in Skopje
  • IOM
  • SOS Kids Village
  • Volvo Service for Trucks
  • Skopje Developing and Management Company
  • Palata Macedonia
  • TV Era
  • Goiva
  • Gordon
  • Tobacco Skopje
  • Alkaloid
  • Agromehanika
  • Economic Zone – Bunardzik
  • Airport Alexander the Great – Skopje
  • Hotel Aleksandar Palace
  • Sitel Television
  • AD Proleter
  • Central Cooperative Bank (with all branches in RM)
  • Makohemija
  • Hotel Sileks – Ohrid
  • Hotel Galeb – Struga
  • Uniongas
  • Ineks – Austrian Airline – Skopje
  • Hotel Kratis
  • AD Slavija
  • Tobacco Prilep
  • Dema Tabak – Skopje
  • Arena “Filip II” – Skopje
  • Interkomerc
  • Makosped
  • Tehnogas
  • Hit – Engineering
  • Zola Company
  • Prima Tobacco
  • David Coleman Company
  • Insurance Policy
  • Agrotehna
  • Bio – Leb Skopje
  • Daniel Ruchti DOOEL – Skopje
  • Interevropa
  • Zito – Prilep
  • Tobacco Holding – Skopje
  • Saint Gobain
  • Prografika


Physical security

Providing residential and commercial buildings and properties with uniformed staff fully equipped to carry out the duties.

Technical security

Design, installation and maintenance of technical equipment to ensure compliance with all technical regulations and standards.

Patrol security

Fully equipped motorized team available for 24 hour security patrol.

Vip protection

Escort and protection to business customers with bodyguards of high class custom luxury vehicles луксузни возила.

Securing transport and goods

Escort and protection of transport values, paper of value and excise goods in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and abroad.

Consulting services and security estimates

Advice and expertise, preparing elaborate security assessment.

More about us

Implementation of standards for work regulated by ISO and quality policy are under supervision of the management team of the agency, which is in constant contact with customers and employees, in order to maintain and improve the leading position in the provision.

The team consists of motivated young professionals, always neat and good manners, in recognizable uniforms with insignia of the agency.

All employees have licence and identification security card, good knowledge or the English language, psycho – physically ready to perform their tasks.


Adress: Anton Popov бр. 31

1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

e-mail: mbibogdan@yahoo.com

fax:+389 2 3121 020

mobile phone (24/7):+389 70 205 331